Terms of Service

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Your satisfaction is important. If you have any concerns please contact to advise. Please keep in mind I get great deals from Importers and as such bring them to you. Just want the opportunity to share a great deal to my fellow crafters/designers.

Great quality for great prices... Stones I get are usually B or C grade. When I do get A, AA grade stones it will be listed as such for you and will be seen in the price. As the stones can be natural there may be inclusions and colors may vary. I will list the closest measurement of the stone/bead which may vary by mm.

I am not a gemoligist and as such provide the trade name for beads/stones/crystals and not the mineral it is. If you are not aware that there are only 2 types of real Jade, then please be advised, when you see 'Jade' on the listing it is actually a type of Serpentine gemstone.

**Lead Law** California Lead Law, findings are within the guidelines for adult jewelry in case you are wondering. Due to CPSIA laws items in this store are not intended to be used towards making jewelry for children under 13. (Not going to spend $$ for testing and then have to raise prices.)

■■■ Pictures ■■■
The picture you see will not depicit the size of the item. Zoom on camera may be used in order to give you a better look at the item. The size of the item will be listed in the description. Color of item/picture may vary on your monitor. I have no control over monitor settings. Natural sunlight lighting is used in order to provide you how the item may appear in different lighting.

If you are unfamiliar with a stone, bead, or crystal and have questions about color/shade please ask before you buy. Pictures are taken to try to depict the best lighting using natural sunlight. Wouldn't it be better to know before hand if you are unsure?

~~~~~~ Payment info ~~~~~~~
*** Please be advised under no circumstances are personal checks accepted****** US Domestic: Payment can be received directly by this website or PayPal. PayPal does allow you to do e-checks which can take 3-4 days to clear. UK International: Payment is accepted by PayPal. UK and AU payments are accepted via PayPal and then converted into US dollars for you. International e-checks can take 7-10 days to clear.

California residents will need to add 9% tax rate.

Shipments are usually mailed within 1-3 business days of receipt of payment and at times the same day if I'm already headed to the Post Office.

Direct payment or PayPal transactions: Make sure your mailing address on your account with them is accurate as this is where you sent funds from and where I will only mail your package to. International Customers will need to utilize PayPal as the payment method.

1st item will include Delivery Confirmation for Domestic purchases so that You can track your purchase once it is in the hands of USPS.

International: Any fees/taxes/duties/customs assessed with your package is buyer responsibility to pay.

~ ~ Your Privacy ~ ~
Please be assured that your contact information will be kept for just that only between you and Beads2string. I am a person just like you who really hates junk mail. Besides the transaction email the only other time you would receive email from Beads2string is to let you know of a sale/coupon/discount.

Return of an item will only be reviewed with in 14 days from shipment date. If you are concerned about needing to return an item you must contact me first by sending an email to beads2string@gmail.com. Please include return in the subject field. You will need to include the venue purchased from and receipt ID number with your inquiry. You will then receive a return reference number which must accompany the item if accepted for a return.

No return will be accepted if you just mail the item back. A return will be granted on a case by case situation. If the return is granted the item must be returned in the same manner as it was shipped i.e. labeled bag, if temp. strung then it must still be all strung, etc.

In order to provide authenticity to my Customers, Swarovski Crystals are not returnable.

Please also keep in mind a return is regarding the item; does not include shipping/handling fees.

Right is reserved to change/modify terms and conditions at anytime.